What is Tangible Publications?

We are a small, independent, Leicester based publishing press
dedicated to creating something brand new in publishing.

Being as small as a press can be,
we design and print all the publications in-house.
Literally in a house.

All our pieces are hand made in small batches,
meaning each edition is strictly limited.

Tangible Publications was set up in the summer of 2012
with the very generous help of the Enterprise Inc.

What are Tangible Publications?



We don’t make your average front-cover-to-back-cover-books,
our publications are visual, tactile and often interactive.

You could call them experimental, 3D, visual or ergodic. We call them tangible.

A Tangible Publication is something you couldn’t read as an ebook,
it requires touching, holding, bending folding and generally a bit of playing with.